Who Are We?

Hello, we are The International Culinary Union.
Our 3 Golden “Aims” are;
… to make the biggest chef union in Europe and in the world.
… and give a chance, to everyone to be a part of this union.
… and to help all the chefs, to be part of the International competitions world-wide.

Our Mission:
The ICU wants to make the biggest community of cooking enthusiasts, junior and senior chefs from all over the world.
We want everybody to have the same rights, everybody to have a possibility to become a Regional Chairman, Vice President or President. This Union is created from chefs, for chefs. We know that everyone wants to be a President of some type of association, but it is challenging because those positions are overloaded with people who created those unions.
But here it's different, here everyone can achieve that status because we appreciate you when you “work” for the ICU and it does not matter weather you are a beginner or you have not done anything like this before, if you follow our steps and help us, we will reward you, and you will not be far away from that President title.
We help our Members with providing knowledge, help to gain popularity, to become a professional chef, free advice from our lawyer, and last but not least we help with up to 100% of costs, when members participate in the international competitions.
There are chefs that are dreaming of having their own culinary books, and we help our members to be a part of one unique culinary book, which is the ICU best competition recipe book.
It's just the beginning, and we are looking for the professional people/chefs who will help us to grow this Union and for it to get bigger and bigger.
Our target growth is approximately 3%-7%, and we want it to increase in the next 10 years by double of that.


We are

The International Culinary Union

2016 Year Established

More than 5 600 Members

Near 1 100 competitions

Over 7 900 medals, certificates and Honorary awards

Certificate of Incorporation:

Member Benefits:

 MemberChef Star 1Chef Star 2Chef Star 3Golden Chef 
Membership Certificate
You receive no expired Membership Certificate from the ICU
50% off of competition’s Category
75% off of competition’s Category
100% off of competition’s Category
100% off for the hotel during competition
Cover of travel expenses
Online Office
Professional E-mail
Receiving monthly electronic ICU Times
Use ICU Logo
Promote your skills
Apply for ICU Judge Silver & Golden Star
Receive International targeted job opportunities
Free advice from the lawyer of ICU
ICU Online Shop
Support from “International Master Chefs Ltd” in United Kingdom
Honorary badge “Chef Star 1”
Honorary Certificate   “Chef Star 1”
Rights to order Professional business cards
Mini Website
Rights to order ICU culinary belt (Ribbon)
Rewards up to 530 ICU Euro Credit
Rewards up to 1175 ICU Euro Credit
Rewards up to 2350 ICU Euro Credit
Rewards up to   6625€.
No limit Rewards
Honorary badge “Chef Star 2”
Honorary Certificate   “Chef Star 2”
Rights to be hired for a Regional Chairman
Certificate for a Regional Chairman
Honorary badge “Chef Star 3”
Honorary Certificate   “Chef Star 3”
Rights to be hired for a Vice President
Certificate for a Vice President
Honorary Medal “ICU
Rights to publish own recipes and own profile in the professional culinary book of ICU
Honorary badge “Golden Chef”
Honorary Certificate   “Golden Chef”
Rights to be hired for a President
Certificate for a President
Golden Honorary Medal “The Union Makes The Power”
Honorary Statuette “ICU”
Rights to be a part of a Management Board