International Culinary Union Team WON CUP, 9 Medals and 18 Certificates International Culinary Union take part in the Team Competition in Strumica Macedonia and they WON the third place. The representors of the team were: Dobromir Todorov – he were the leader of the team. Simeon Simeonov – Junior Member of ICU Bozhidar Dimitrov – Carving Master Chef with hidden cooking skills. Thanks to the leader Mr. Todorov they create a great recipes and different techniques in their dishes and that was the key of success and to left many teams behind them. Congratulation to our Chefs and wish them future success. ICU want to said warm thank you to the host of the Events for that great organisation and fare competition. The event were visit from more than 45 countries all over the world and we wish them next year to get double on that. Thank you Villa Park, thank you GastroMak and thank you to the President of GastroMak Ms. Adrijana Alacki. Also we would like to said thank you to the whole Villa Park’s And GastroMak’s teams for the great job and support during the event.

Simeon Simeonov Simeon Simeonov is the youngest ICU chef participate in the Macedonian’s competition, but this did not were a problem to come back to his country with a medal. He did a great Team job and help a lot for achieving of the Bronze medals in the Grand Prix Competition.

Mariyana Mincheva Mariyana Mincheva is professional chef from many years. In her career she never had a experience in the international competitions. “This is something new for me and I am really very excited. I am not here to win the prise I would like to come see and check my skills.” That what Ms. Mincheva said. For such a shy words she did something amazing in one competition she won 2 Silver medals and one Bronze. That is a great thing for her and she fill more motivated and ready for her next participation. Mariyana is based in United Kingdom and she is one of the Lead chefs in her place.

Bozhidar Dimitrov Bozhidar Dimitrov is well known person in the ICU professional chef life. He achieve more than 20 certificates, medals and honorary prises for ICU. He have participation in many countries end every time he is more than welcome to participate in the world wide events. Mr. Dimitrov one more time show to the world that he never come back without award. He is specialist in carving art, but also he is a really good chef. In Macedonia Bozhidar achieve a new award – Bronze medal in category Best International Team.

Dobromir Todorov Dobromir Todorov is one of the greatest ICU Members. He is based in Germany and work as a Executive Chef in a 5* Hotel. Mr. Todorov is from just a couple of months in our Union but he is already a medallist. Mr Todorov achieve 3 medals in one Competition. He participate in three different categories as follow: – Team Grand Prix – Fish Dish Individual – Chicken Dish Individual Chef Todorov participate for the first time in competition but he cover all of his targets.

Todor Vachev Chef Todor Vachev is the Head Chef in a busy establishment in Plovdiv Area and during his free time he is a carving focussed chef. He did his first participation under the International Culinary Union “flag” and he achieve his first medal. He participate in the Live Carving and he WON the 3th place in that category.

Judge Silver Star

We would like to represent you our Certified Judge Chef Alberto Gerardo Humphrey Guerrero. He successfully complete the Judge Offline training exam. Now he is 100% qualified to participate in the ICU and their Partners events as a Official Judge.