4th International PIZZA Chanpionship were supported by International Culinary Union.
ORGANISATOR: Bulgarian Association Pizzaioli
WHEN: 6th till 7th of November 2019, also 8th of November 2019 (Qualifications for the world pizza competition in Parma 2020)
WHERE: Bulgaria, City of Sofia, Inter Expo Center

In the 4th International Pizza Championship take part more than 10 countries and nearly 50 competitors. That chalange for our participants were so hard and to reach a merit was really difficult.
During The event the Carving Club of International Culinary Union take part with seasonal a natural picture made from squash, water melon and not only. The participants of the ICU Carving Club were Mr Bozhidar Dimitrov familiar as a common competitor in many international competitions and judge Silver star Also as a part of the Carving team was our Carving Member Mrs Ivelina Zjeleva from Bulgaria.
Congratulation to the all winners. Well done for the hard work and your pation.

The ICU Member from Romania the Pizza Chef Andrei Costin grab the highest title and the biggest cheque for 200,00€