Competition Best Chef Velingrad in Bulgaria, International Culinary Union take part in the organisation part of the carving competition during the event held on 8th of June 2019.

Chef’s Club Velingrad become officialy Honorary Member of the ICU Family

Carving Master Chef and ICU Judge Silver Star, Bozhidar Dimitrov take part in the Bulgarian event held on 8th of June 2019.
Sir Dimitrov took in his hands the organisation part for the Carving competition.
During the event Bozhidar prize the best Carving participants in that area and not only.

Congratulation to Emi Hadjieva. The winner who get the ICU Prize for 100,00 €

Miss Pashove take the gold during the Velingrad’s Competition in the Carving competition.

Snejana Kichukova Silver Medalist in the Carving category