“Chinggis Khaan’s Challenge Cup 2019” will be one of the best culinary competition in Mongolia which will be organized in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia for the Second time. INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL CHEF CATEGORY /SENIOR/ CLASS B PROFESSIONAL CHEFS SENIORS CLASS B-1 HOT COOKING DISH PROFESSIONAL SENIOR CHEF Category P1 : Main course meat (Beef, Lamb, Pork) Category P2 : Pasta Dish Category P3 : Main course poultry (Chicken, Duck) Category P4 : Sea food culinary challenge (Sea food, fish or combination) CLASS B-2 MODERN ASIAN FOOD PROFESSIONAL Category AFP1 : Asian food CLASS B-3 NOMADIC BBQ DISH PROFESSIONAL Category NBP1 : Nomadic BBQ CLASS B-4 VEGETERIAN DISH PROFESSIONAL Category VP1 : Vegetarian CLASS B-5 PIZZA PROFESSIONAL Category PZP1 : Pizza CLASS B-6 DISPLAY CHALLENGE PROFESSIONAL Category DP1 : Chocolate art Category DP2 : Sugar art Category DP3 : Festive cake Category DP4 : Carving Category DP5 : Four different desserts CLASS B-7 COLD DISPLAY CHALLENGE /PROFFESSIONAL/ Category CDP1 : Plated Western Appetizer Category CDP2 : Plated Western Course Fine Dining Category CDP3 : Finger Food GLASS C GRAND PRIX CLASS C-1 HOT COOKING GRAND PRIX / PROFESSIONALS / Category GPP1 : Professional Individual GRAND PRIX /Black box/ Category GPP2 : Professional Team GRAND PRIX /Black box/

The ” Mongolian Master Chef Association ” of the general organizer with accompany of International Culinary Union and Partner’s Team take a part of the Chinggis Khaan Chalange cup 2019. The leader of the event Chef Alberto Guererro who is a Central and Latin America President of ICU organise and prepare his team from Mexico with the world standards. The result it was a 2 Silver medals and a huge pride. The competition were held in city of Ulaanbaatar in Misheel Expo Center. The event were in 6th to 7th June 2019