How to Get VIC (Very Important Chef) Package?

– Download and fill the ICU VIC(Very Important Chef) form and send it to our office team.

– Lastly, you will need to follow the instructions on the emails that you will receive from an ICU member on regards to your application.

You receive no expired VIC Certificate from the ICU.
Online Chef Office:
Chef Calendar – Information about upcoming World, Continental, International, State, Regional competitions.
Event information. News in Culinary/Cooking. Useful advice. Interacting with colleagues and associates. Recipes.
Professional e-mail address.
Receiving monthly electronic ICU Times.
Use ICU Logo.
Promote your skills.
Apply for ICU Judge Silver & Golden Star.
Receive International targeted job opportunities.
Free advice from the lawyer of ICU.*
ICU online shop.
Support from “International Master Chefs Ltd” in the United Kingdom –
Accommodation, Documents & Job.
Right to order professional business cards.
Your own mini website.
Right to buy an ICU Culinary Ribbon.
No restriction in Rewards.
Golden Honorary Medal “ICU”.
Honorary Statuette “ICU”.
ICU Chef Jacket.
50% Discount of our Judge Silver & Golden Star Trainings.
Rights to publish own recipes and own profile in the professional culinary book of ICU.
Rights to be a part of the Management Board.