Get together for the tradition of the Leskovo Carving Festival “Lyaskovets – a colourful capital of vegetables and gourmet gardening,” and once again a chutney festival is being held.
In the 11th edition of the National Culinary Festival “Motley Dining”, they created the scoop masters with authentic and original dishes, including the masters of homemade chutney. The competition is part of the culinary forum and is held for the eighth consecutive time. The municipal competition is run by the leader of the Carving Festival and it selects the best master of typical Bulgarian home-made art. To make sure that you do not have the rewards and certificates provided, but traditionally in the next edition of the treasure, you can publish it publicly to any Lutheran by your own recipe, there is a previous winner. This year, professionals who are looking for the best chefs in the colourful happy, prove with a bean was demonstrably prepared and the lute of the Draguevich Svetoslav Yordanov, who is in the world international competition. The recipe was made by Mirena Stoyanova and Ivan Hristov.
This year, the evaluated committee is composed of Bozhidar Dimitrov Judge Silver star of ICU, Chief Penyo Ivanov and Vanya Tabakova. This time, the jury appeared for this time 170 meals, appeared in the XIth edition of the festival, which included nearly 100 cooks. The collective award for Ethno Vision at the Stand went to the culinary team of the Leskovskiye Fountain Club, which arranged the most beautiful meal. The prize, named by the organizer of the Bash Master of the Festival, was earned by the ladies from the second stand of the vegan food shop.
The original recipe was awarded to Krasimira Koleva’s dish of Merdanya’s Forgotten Coffee. The Best Dessert by Old Recipe Award grabbed the Kozarevka Deshka Milanova for her Corn Maize Cake. The “Most Delicious Meal” award goes to Maria Draeva from the Zora Pension Club in Leskovac for “Vegetables Monarchs”. The best way to prepare an authentic recipe is Rositsa Yordanova from the village of Vladislav, the watchman. She deserves the Harmansky Manda for herself. The jury also has 15 awards in the Taste category.
In the contest for Lutenitsa, evaluate Anushka Nedeva and Elena Koleva you have to describe a total of 35 pet Lutenitsa.
While the jury was describing all the feasts presented for the competition, amateurs pulled up a song and dance marathon on the stage near the fountain.
In addition to delicious dishes, read by holiday users, you can also enjoy the beautiful creations of carving players, who is a special booth of the holiday showed that they are carving skills. For a consecutive year, bizarre figures of fruits and vegetables were created by sisters Victoria Afzali and Nedelina Dimitrova, Kozarevchanka Center Dimova and Varna’s ICU Members Ivelina Jeleva and Dimitrichka Yankusheva.

All prize winners who were judged by the jury were greeted and awarded by the organizers, and as a prevailing tradition, the holiday ended with a greeting to all the cooks, to the jury, and with gratitude to the founder of the festival, Chef Peño. The Bulgarian Giulianci returned the Bulgarian Pugach to the Boss and left him once again with a wreath of fierce Julian rose. And for the kids of the festival on this adventure, eating a delicious cake.